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Antique Furniture Workshop “Renaissance”


Antique Furniture Workshop “Renaissance” has been established in 1998 in Moscow by the graduates of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts. The highest category craftsmen of “Renaissance” have more than thirty ears of experience in restoration workshops, museums and Russian temples. Most importantly, we have distinctive knowledge and technology of old traditional craftsmen and always guarantee to our clients that their item won’t be ruined by the unskilled restoration. Quite the opposite – the furniture restored at “Renaissance” will serve you for years to come.

Our Services

Our main profile is restoration, which can be performed in two ways depending on client’s preferences. Museum type restoration involves very delicate and limited work to preserve “zeitgeist” and is highly appreciated by the collectors and art critics. Full commercial restoration is also available, including the recovery of lost parts or complete furniture reconstruction based on existing measurements and analogues.

Thanks to immense experience and supreme qualification we are capable of designing and making our own exquisite furniture or copies (replicas) of furniture as well as souvenirs made of wood. Items crafted in our workshop are the result of diligent work with guaranteed quality. In our workshop we use only natural materials such as solid wood, veneers, lumber-core boards, animal glues. As well as bronze fittings, bone and nacre for mosaic restoration, wax and shellac polishes for finishing.

We used to work with our own hands, that is why OUR WORK better speaks for ourselves. In our gallery you can find our furniture, interior design items and carved souvenirs made of mahogany, Karelian birch, oak, poplar, walnut…


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